Wednesday, June 30, 2010


oh and by the way we just lost our bass player damián. hope he'll enjoy barcelona and miss us terribly.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

if i was on voyager

If i was in star trek Kes and i would have been married but i would have an affair with B'ellana because i think she would be good in bed. This theory i base on that episode when she gets the pon farr and starts biting Paris when she's all aroused and stuff, betcha she's ruff.
Me and Tuvok would have been best friends and we would sit around and hating and flaming on people. We might even start a secret club called "playa hataz" or something, and sometimes the doctor would attend the meetings and we would sit up all night just chillin in the holodeck and bashing on people.
Me and Harry Kim would start a cool astro-psy-hardcore-badass punk band and make some fucked up songs about cyborgs and vulcan mind-melds. We would take in Paris on drums.
We'd be playing pranks on Janeway and Chakotay all the time because they're grown ups. Like stink bombs and traps and shit.
As soon as we cleared the delta quadrant i'de ditch Neelix because he's annoying as fuck.